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Dog Nylon Jacket


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Waterproof Coats Will fold up and fit into pocket Coats are cut to shape of dogs back so that the coat fits the dog Helping to prevent coat slipping on Dogs back.


Nylon Coats Made from 6oz Pu Nylon.

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Beagle; Fox Terrier; Lakeland Short – 40cm, Border Collie; Airedale; Boxer – 56cm, Cockers; Manchester Terrier – 46cm, German Shepherds; Dobermans – 76cm, Greyhound; Irish Setters – 71cm, Greyhound; Rottweiler – 81cm, Jack Russell; Pug; King Charles; 35.5cm, Labradors; Setters – 61cm, Min Pin – 25cm, Norfolk; Border; Yorkshire – 30.5cm, Retrievers; Pointers; Ridgeback – 66cm, Whippets; Springers; Irish Terriers – 51cm, Wolf Hound; Great Dane – 86cm


Fitted, Regular


Blue, Fluorescent, Green, Red


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