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Thin duvet The pets own duvet to cover them up at night or to lie on in thermal comfort.

Has 100’s of other uses; In the home to protect Chairs, carpets. On car seats or in the back of car. In cages etc. To protect carpet, chair from Dirt, hairs and grease etc.

This Range of Duvet is about an 1 inch 3cms thick.

1980's1980's1990's1990'sAutumnAutumnBlueBlueBlue SquaresBlue SquaresBold PinkBold PinkBrodyBrodyBronzeBronzeDaveDaveGinaGinaImagineImagineIndiaIndiaKelsonKelsonLady RedLady RedLinenLinenMikeyMikeyMirandaMirandaModernModernOliveOlivePeacePeacePeachPeachPetalPetalPinkyPinkyPonyPonyReefReefRetroRetroRoseRoseRustRustSallySallySassySassyScottyScottySkySkySummerSummerTrustTrustTurquoiseTurquoiseTurtleTurtle
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DU0 – Cat/Small Dog – 61x45x3cm, DU1 – Corgi / Cavaliers / Jack Russell – 86x63x3cm, DU2 – Labrador / Greyhounds / Doberman – 91x76x3cm, DU3 – Great Dane / Irish Wolfhound / Mastiff – 142x91x3cm



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1980's, 1990's, Autumn, Blue, Blue Squares, Bold Pink, Brody, Bronze, Dave, Gina, Imagine, India, Kelson, Lady Red, Linen, Mikey, Miranda, Modern, Olive, Peace, Peach, Petal, Pinky, Pony, Reef, Retro, Rose, Rust, Sally, Sassy, Scotty, Sky, Summer, Trust, Turquoise, Turtle


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