Duvet Deep Cushion Bed


All deep cushion beds are machine washable without changing shape or going lumpy. You can buy them with removable covers or without. The deep cushion bed is designed to give maximum comfort in summer and winter. The special Thermalfil filling is cool in summer and warm in winter also has the ability to dry wet dogs and its self, making it a good all round bed.
Basic Deep Cushion Beds in Regular Fabric Machine washable will not go lumpy

1980's1980's1990's1990'sArtistArtistAutumnAutumnBlueBlueBlue SquaresBlue SquaresBold PinkBold PinkBrodyBrodyBronzeBronzeDaveDaveGinaGinaHenHenImagineImagineIndiaIndiaKelsonKelsonLady RedLady RedLinenLinenMikeyMikeyMirandaMirandaModernModernN/AN/AOliveOlivePeacePeacePeachPeachPetalPetalPinkyPinkyPonyPonyReefReefRetroRetroRoseRoseRustRustSallySallySassySassyScottyScottySkySkySummerSummerTrustTrustTurquoiseTurquoiseTurtleTurtle
Blue LadyBlue LadyCremaCremaDark RedDark RedDenimDenimEvergreenEvergreenGreen ArtGreen ArtGreen LadyGreen LadyGrey SpikeGrey SpikeHay StackHay StackHeavy BeigeHeavy BeigeHeavy RedHeavy RedHeavy ScotsHeavy ScotsJubileeJubileeMaroccoMaroccoMaroon SpotsMaroon SpotsModernModernN/AN/ANaturalNaturalNatural2 HeavyNatural2 HeavyPrincessPrincessRacingRacingRoughRoughSoftSoftSquaresSquaresStriped DenimStriped DenimSusannaSusannaTextured GreyTextured GreyTextured PinkTextured PinkZipboZipbo
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DC1 – Cat/Small Terriers – 61x40x9cm, DC2 – Terriers/small Jack Russell’s – 78x58x9cm, DC3 – Corgi/ Dachshund/ Cavaliers – 94x78x9cm, DC4 – Labrador/Greyhounds/ Doberman – 121x78x9cm, DC5 – Setters / Rottweiler / Great Dane – 121x91x9cm


Heavy Duty, Regular

Regular Fabrics

1980's, 1990's, Artist, Autumn, Blue, Blue Squares, Bold Pink, Brody, Bronze, Dave, Gina, Hen, Imagine, India, Kelson, Lady Red, Linen, Mikey, Miranda, Modern, N/A, Olive, Peace, Peach, Petal, Pinky, Pony, Reef, Retro, Rose, Rust, Sally, Sassy, Scotty, Sky, Summer, Trust, Turquoise, Turtle

Heavy Duty Fabrics

Blue Lady, Crema, Dark Red, Denim, Evergreen, Green Art, Green Lady, Grey Spike, Hay Stack, Heavy Beige, Heavy Red, Heavy Scots, Jubilee, Marocco, Maroon Spots, Modern, N/A, Natural, Natural2 Heavy, Princess, Racing, Rough, Soft, Squares, Striped Denim, Susanna, Textured Grey, Textured Pink, Zipbo


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